Automatic Changeover Switch: How They Work And Why You Need One?

Automatic Changeover Switch: How They Work And Why You Need One?

A changeover switch is a device used to automatically select a load between two or more devices. The Automatic Changeover Switch is commonly used for lighting and electrical loads, but can also be used for other applications such as cooling systems. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how changeover switches work, including the different types of switches available and how they can help you save energy.

Changeover Switch

A changeover switch is a device that automatically connects electric power from one source to another. It is used when there are two sources of electricity and it is necessary to connect them together. These switches are generally used in factories, offices, and homes where they can be utilized as emergency generators or other situations where power outages occur intermittently.

Changeover switches are also known as transfer switches because their primary function is to transfer energy between two sources so that your lights stay on no matter what happens!

Automatic Changeover Switch

An automatic changeover switch is a device that automatically switches from one power source to another. It’s used in situations where you need uninterrupted power, such as when you’re running equipment that requires constant energy.

Automatic Changeover Switches

An example of an automatic changeover switch would be a generator with two sources of power: electricity from the grid and diesel fuel for backup purposes. When you connect your generator to these two sources (via electrical cords), it will automatically detect when one source goes offline and automatically transfer over to the other source so your equipment doesn’t lose power. 

This way, if there’s ever an outage or blackout at home or work due to weather conditions like storms or earthquakes etc., then using this type of setup ensures there won’t be any interruptions while still being able to use important items such as air conditioning units without having them shut off mid-way through their job cycle!

Operating Principle of Automatic Changeover Switch

An automatic changeover switch is used to connect two or more circuits in an electrical system. The circuits are isolated from each other, and each circuit has its own load (e.g., light bulb). When one circuit fails, the other circuit takes over automatically without human intervention.

The operating principle of an automatic changeover switch is based on the principle of magnetism: when current flows through a coil of wire, it generates a magnetic field around itself; when this magnetic field comes into contact with another similar coil placed nearby, they interact and push away from each other due to their opposing polarities; if there’s no force acting upon them (i.e., if they’re stationary), then they’ll stay separated forever–but if something moves them closer together again (like connecting two batteries), then those magnets will attract each other closely until there’s no space left between them anymore!

You can see that there are many different types of changeover switches available, each with its own unique features and applications. 

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