How Can Office Design Help You Attract And Keep Top Talent?

How Can Office Design Help You Attract And Keep Top Talent?

It’s no secret that retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges for any business. The “war for talent” has been raging for years, and companies are having to work harder than ever to attract top performers and keep them on board.

In order to attract and retain great employees, you need to make sure they feel engaged in their work environment. One of the best ways companies can do this is by creating office interiors Melbourne that encourages collaboration and teamwork among employees while also providing private or “quiet” places where people can go when they want some quiet time away from noise or distractions.

Open Floorplans

Open floorplans are a great way to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Open-concept offices can also promote a sense of community, which is crucial for keeping employees motivated. You can include an open office with an innovative interior; call office interiors Melbourne experts to know more.

One study found that, in an open-concept environment, workers interact twice as often with their colleagues than they do when working in traditional office layouts (with cubicles or closed offices).

This increased interaction means more collaboration between employees—which can lead to better work outcomes and higher job satisfaction.

Additionally, open floorplans tend to be more naturally lit than traditional layouts because there are fewer barriers between windows and people’s desks. Natural light has been shown to increase productivity by 20%—which is pretty huge!

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Collaboration and Teamwork Spaces

As your team grows, you might notice that everyone is working in their own little corner. When this happens, it can create a sense of isolation and competition among employees. If you want to encourage collaboration and teamwork, it’s important to create an office space where people work together.

The first step in creating a collaborative space is making sure each team has enough space for all of their equipment—whether it be computers or tables for paperwork. The next step is adding seating near the wall so that everyone can see what other people are doing without having them in their workspace.

You also want to make sure there are storage areas (such as cubbies) available so that people don’t have to walk around with stacks of documents while they collaborate on projects.

Private or “Quiet” Spaces

If you’re looking to attract and retain top talent, providing private or “quiet” spaces is key. While some individuals prefer to be in an open office environment, many others would rather have a quiet place where they can focus without distraction.

 If a space is designed with these individuals in mind, it can help create an environment that feels more respectful and trusting—and appealing for those who want privacy as well.

The importance of privacy at work has been studied extensively by psychologists and behavioral experts. According to one study (What Makes An Office Environment Good For Your Health), “individuals who perceive their workspace environment as supportive are more likely to feel positive emotions during daily tasks and view their jobs favorably.” In addition:

  • Privacy allows employees to concentrate on their work more effectively
  • It gives them control over their environment
  • It prevents feelings of being judged by colleagues


With so many different types of workers and personalities, it can be challenging to accommodate everyone’s needs. However, by paying attention to the office interiors Melbourne and the way people work, the layout of your office space can be optimized for productivity.

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