More forbidden information about factors that affect link building quality!

More forbidden information about factors that affect link building quality!

Not far is that day when Google will have ‘regular updates’ as its synonym. It just keeps on evolving and getting better. It just keeps on releasing updates regarding several search engine algorithms. These algorithms together analyze the quality of websites, their content, and their link building. And today, this link building beauty will be talked upon. What actually is it? And what are the factors that decide its quality and ultimately rank a website accordingly? We talked to the experts of Blurn about it. Find out more about Blurn and get more Information about Blurn if you need it.

Here are all the factors that you must know about link building. All these factors, along with tens and hundreds of others (which have been kept as secret), decide the quality of backlinks.

The factors that decide the quality of link building!

The good thing about link building is that it helps, and it helps wonderfully. The bad thing about link building (or actually another good one) is that it takes months and months of effort. But why does Google analyze the quality of backlinks?

We have a little story for you. This story is about Mrs. Chichimini. She is a teenager who dreams of starting a bakery business and seeing it famous. So she opens up her bakery and does all that is required. Now she waits and waits, but rarely does a person come. Then a man enters the shop and tells her, “You need to spread the word about it and create links with people.” And there her eyes sparkle with hope and daydreaming. She knows that she needs to create a network to get famous, but she has no patience. There comes a trick in her mind, “Why not to bring some people and ask them to tell people that they love this bakery?” Ooh! Too smart. But, would you love it if such things would happen in the real world? No! This is sheer vile for the quality of living in this world. And this same vile thing happens every day. People practice blackhat link building tactics to manipulate the search engine rankings. This is the reason that Google analyzes the quality of link building.

So, what all factors does it consider to assess backlinks? And how can you ensure that your backlinks are helpful for your website?

The PageRank or Trust Score!

Earlier, Google used to show the trust score of pages. It meant that pages are good and you can benefit from getting links from these pages. But later on it stopped showing these values. Now, many third-party companies like Moz, Ahrefs, SemRush, etc. show page scores. We call these scores DA and PA – Domain Authority and Page Authority.

The higher the DA and PA score, the more link juice they will pass on to the websites they link with. It means that when getting backlinks, make sure that those pages have higher DA and PA scores. To know the value, you must buy these great tools. Get more Information about Blurn and how it offers high DA and PA quality links.

Websites’ Niche!

What would you say after hearing Tom Hanks rating food of a 5 star restaurant? Or what would you say after hearing David Warner talking about which cars one must buy? Weird of course! Because a person praising a thing in which s/he does not hold expertise does not fit! We believe in expert opinions because they are true. Similarly, if your website deals in bakeries then getting a link from a technology website will seem suspicious.

It does not mean that you can not get links from another niche. You indeed can. There are chances. But if it happens more often, it is time to step back a little. Google and other search engines look with suspicion when links come from websites that are not of the same niche.

Anchor Text!

Anchor text is the text that you see on several websites having hyperlinks on them. When you see a phrase like ‘more information about Blurn’ in an article and then a link on that phrase that takes you to another website, that phrase is the anchor text for the destination website.

The anchor texts that links to your website must be related to you and must not be overused. Furthermore, you must make sure that these anchor texts are not overly optimized.

Link Root Domains!

It means the total number of websites (not the total number of links) that are linking to your website. It is similar to how many people are talking about you right now in the world. Make a note that the quality score of linking root domains must be high. This way you’ll ensure that you are getting benefits from these backlinks.

It is always better to get 10 links each from 100 domains than getting 100 links each from 10 domains. The only thing you must make sure of is that the links have high quality.

The Core Web Vital score of those pages!

Yes! It is not just about your design. If a website has a low Core Web Vital score and it is linking to you, it will not benefit you much. However, there are many opinions on this one. Some people believe that it does not impact the quality of link building and some believe otherwise. Experts are trying to get more Information about, Blurn says, Core Web Vital being a factor.

The ccTLD!

Also known as Country Code Top Level Domain, is the part of the URL that signifies the country to which the website relates. For example, when you see .au .in .com behind domain names, these are ccTLDs.

Know that the country of backlinks linking to you will only impact your ranking in that country. To make sure that you get the maximum benefit, try getting backlinks from .com websites.

Domain age and Page Age!

It is slightly debatable. However, the general idea is that the older the link the better. It is similar to the saying that older people have better experience and knowledge. But this does not mean that a dormant website that is 10 years old will help you more than a year old website that has written a lot of quality content.

This factor works only when two websites have almost the same qualities except that one of them is new and another is years old. And this seems logical.

These are all the basic factors that are believed to impact the quality of backlinks. When getting backlinks you must make sure that all these qualities are present in them, otherwise, you’ll only waste your time and money. Blurn has been nourishing websites with years full of expertise and commitment. You may want to find out more about Blurn and their many plans around SEO, Link Building, Web Design, and App Development. Get more information about Blurn.

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