5 questions to ask before hiring an office fitout company

5 questions to ask before hiring an office fitout company

If youe in the process of building or renovating your office space, youve no doubt considered how you want your office to look and feel when its complete. If you dont have an interior design background, it can be difficult to know where to start.

It’s helpful to talk with an office fitout companies melbourne before deciding on an office fit-out company that can help you realise your vision just make sure you ask the right questions first! Here are five questions to ask before hiring an office fit-out company in Melbourne or anywhere else.

1) What equipment do you have?

Before you even think about looking for office fit out companies, it s important that you have a clear idea of what sort of equipment will be required in your business. After all, if they havent got everything that you need, then why hire them? All reputable companies should be able to supply any office equipment that you require. The only thing is, some will include these services in their initial costs and others wont.

2) How long will it take to complete the project?

Anytime you’re hiring a professional for a large project, its important to know when they plan on completing it. Asking about their time frame will help you stay on track and avoid any miscommunications later down the line. For example, if your office is moving in three months but your fit out is scheduled for six months from now, there could be some issues. The best way to handle a timeline question is to find out how long similar projects have taken them in the past and what their ideal timeline would be for your project.

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3) What are the payment terms?

There are so many different payment models out there and its vital you understand them all when engaging with a fitout company. Will they invoice you or will they be paid once their project is complete? Do they take credit cards or will you have to pay by cash or cheque? Its important to know these things before you enter into a contract with a particular firm. You should also ask how often you can expect to receive progress reports and what exactly those reports will include. For example, some companies might include photos of your new office furniture while others wont bother unless specifically asked for them. You may want that level of detail, but if not, make sure you specify as much upfront.

4) Is there anything I should know before signing the contract?

Many people overlook their legal rights when they are in a rush to get their office built. Its understandable that you want to get things moving, but its still worth taking a minute and going over your contract with a fine-tooth comb. If there is anything there that doesnt sit right with you, add it into your contract.

5) What guarantees do you offer if something goes wrong?

Beware of companies that refuse to guarantee their work. If they dont believe in their own product, it probably wont hold up. Ask a potential office fitout companies melbourne what sorts of guarantees and warranties they offer for their services. It might take some time for them to think through their response an honest one will be able to answer your question without hesitation or confusion. The worst-case scenario is that you have someone who doesnt know how to respond at all. Dont hire those people!

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