What To Know Before Choosing Function Room?

What To Know Before Choosing Function Room?

So you have found the best function venue, but do you know what the major food aspects you should consider are? After a successful function room hire Melbourne, you must know everything about the food menu the service provider might offer you.

Event Menu Plan

Considering various event menu factors is important. The first aspect is that the food menu should be flexible. However, many space providers will offer you to choose the food menu a day before your event, but it’s a smart move to select one earlier so that any changes can be made in it.

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Food Menu

The food menu includes three major meals if you are planning a full day event i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Packed food is often cost-effective, which may include a hot buffet, breakfast station, and continental options.


Many professionals offer lunch buffet options and boxed lunch. However, the food type depends on your event and the type of people will be joining you.


You get the choices of plated dinners or packed buffet dinner, which includes three to five dishes. You can pick the chef’s personal choice and let the food menu rock.

Buffet or Plated?

The following will help you to make your decision:


These are the best for breakfast and lunch. People are open to taking as much food as they want in their plates from the buffet.


This is used normally for dinner parties and senior executive meetings. It can take up to 1.5 to 2 hours for preparation of the plate meals.

Passed items

Passing service generally used during receptions, but you can include it in your event depending on the number of people and the type of event you are organizing.

Complete Banquet Order

It’s a formal write-up that shows all the elements of your catering requirements. You need to sign the papers, so, carefully read everything. It might include the below requests, decisions, and requirements:


Decor and entertainment

Food & beverages

Room arrangement


You can exclude any of the above if you don’t need it and pay for what you require.

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Food & Beverage Items Budget to Know

When you are building your catering budget, don’t forget to include the following charges:

Chef Fee

If your event uses carving station, you need to pay the chef fee

Labour charge

Charges involved to set-up your event include labour fee

Catering Minimums

Some meals need a minimum headcount and charged per person

Room fee

Can be negotiated if the event meets least rent fee

Bartender fee

If your event includes bartender, its fee will be charged

Sales tax and other service charges

Expect at least 20% as service tax and sales tax

Wrapping Up

Having the best function venues Melbourne is important, but ensuring that your guests enjoy and get delicious food is a must. So follow the above factors to make your event successful.

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