Working towards a positive and empowering birth with hypnobirthing

Working towards a positive and empowering birth with hypnobirthing

Giving birth is something that has been biologically built into who we are. There are so many stories about how women have successfully given birth in the oddest circumstances and that should tell you that your body will do what it needs to do, if you let it.  Birth is natural, it is an act that is an automatic response to the bouncing bundle of beauty inside you. Our hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne, and many others across the country,  aim to assist you in welcoming the sensations that are naturally occurring within you. This is why many expecting birth givers turn to us for techniques that will aid them in experiencing a birth with as little medical intervention as possible, in saying that at Little Bird Flies we prepare you for whatever pathway your birthing journey takes; whether you want that epidural or require a cesarean section- the knowledge and tools we provide you are absolutely necessary no matter the circumstances to ensure your body is working with you and not against you.  Our methods are key to helping you unlock your fears and preparing your mind and body for the feat that you were literally born to do.

Natural birth and how we get in the way of it…

Our bodies are literally made to give birth. It is when we complicate our environment and the natural feelings that come with it (by letting our heads get in the way) that we block our own natural ability. When we start to fear feelings of bearing down or feel anxious about birth, our body reacts in a fight or flight response because we’ve convinced ourselves that we don’t feel safe. Our thoughts and emotions are powerful conductors of our body’s energy and when we experience negative ones, our body will literally close up in a situation where your baby needs you to be as open as possible. You can imagine how confused your body will feel!! It is doing what it is supposed to by influencing your uterine muscles to draw up the cervix but your mind is forcing other parts to close in response. This is a very simplistic example I’m giving you here, but that inner tension is what causes pain. When using your mind-body connection to instead cultivate feelings of relaxation and safety, the opposite is more likely to be the case. Any human’s natural response to overwhelming sensations is fear and the point is to learn the skills to stop sensations of fear in their tracks because this is what limits your potential for an empowered birth.

How hypnobirthing aids natural birth?

There are a number of studies that prove how natural births are achieved with hypnobirthing techniques however, it is important to emphasise that all births can be an empowering and positive experience.  This includes births that require synthetic hormone inductions, assisted deliveries or pharmaceutical pain relief.  One thing is for sure, women and their birth partners state feeling more confident heading into their births and have greater satisfaction when they attend a birth class like Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth course with Melissa at Little Bird Flies.

Hypnobirthing teaches you a number of skills and considerations including those that go hand-in-hand with care from your doctor and chosen care giver. Positive external factors like your preferred environmental conditions and an open relationship between the birthing family and their health-care provider will add to your own feelings of empowerment. One of many parts in the big world of hypnobirthing is a deep state of relaxation that mimics hypnosis. This and other techniques that when you start your hypnobirthing classes, will allow you the ability to overcome the fear associated with childbirth. The best way to work with fear is to equip birth givers with the knowledge that eliminates the feeling of the unknown. We will also break-down everything you should know including what is happening to your body during labour, so that you are able to welcome every sensation as it washes over you.

Hypnobirthing techniques and tips to assist natural birth:


1.     Establish a trusting relationship with your healthcare provider

You will need to find a healthcare provider whose goals align with your own. That means, communicating all your needs and choosing one that shares mutual respect for all aspects of your desires as a childbearing woman and person.

2.     Create your own little birth cave

Oxytocin is the hormone of labour.  It is also the hormone of love however, it does come with a couple of terms and conditions and unfortunately if these are not adhered to it is not going to come out and play and you can say goodbye to labouring with ease!  Oxytocin needs to feel safe, loved and supported.  It likes mood lighting, calm, dark and private spaces to allow it to do its job.  So think: fairy lights, essential oil diffuser, your own pillow, a couple of playlists that sing to your ears, encouraging vision board or wall with positive affirmations for your birth, and a birthing partner who loves and supports you and knows how to advocate for you and your baby.

3.     Create a birth plan

Join one of our hypnobirthing classes and we can give you a detailed breakdown for writing a birth plan but the most important part of a birth plan or set of birth preferences is that they truly resonate with all your wants and needs:  Make sure you do your research and understand everything that you are placing on your birth plan.  It is also important to plan for all the different pathways your birthing journey might take so that you can remain in your power and in the driver’s seat of your birthing story if extenuating circumstances arise.

4.     Join a comprehensive childbirth education class like Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Positive Birth Course.

Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Positive Birth course is where you gain access to expertise and skills to help you achieve a gentle, safe, and natural birth but also skills that will guide you through the birth of your desire even if circumstances arise where your birthing journey has to take an alternative pathway, you will have the skills to remain in your power and have a positive and empowering birth experience. Little Bird Flies offers an array of Hypnobirthing classes in a number of different ways for soon-to-be mums and their birthing partners.

Our classes come with practical learning and audio materials: there is so much more to learn than just “hypnosis”…it’s about bringing birth back to basics and instilling the confidence in you as a highly capable childbearing woman and person!! We will discuss the ins and outs of childbirth, what to expect, how you can influence your hormones so you can labour with greater ease and prepare your birthing partner with all the tools and techniques they need to support you.   We’ll even prepare you for situations where medical intervention is needed.

Hypnobirthing is going to help you prepare for a birth filled with confidence and trust in your body and its ability.  Every woman and birthing person deserves a positive and empowering birth and Hypnobirthing is going to get you one step closer to this. Melissa offers classes face-to-face in Melbourne and online. These classes can be private or group classes as per your preference. You can also learn about hypnobirthing at your own pace. Have a look at the courses page for more details.

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