5 Ways To Lose Weight With a Sauna

5 Ways To Lose Weight With a Sauna

If you have saunas or are thinking about getting one, you can benefit from weight loss in addition to the overall health benefits of basking in the heat. 

Using a sauna alone will not result in dramatic weight loss, but when combined with a healthy lifestyle, it can enhance the effects of diet and exercise. 

Today, we’ll look at five ways you can use a sauna to lose weight. When you’re ready to buy a sauna or upgrade to a new infrared model, contact Black Pine Spas to see our selection of stylish and affordable saunas.

#1 Water Weight

The most obvious advantage of using a sauna is weight loss. Because the extreme heat causes you to sweat, you will lose excess water from your body. 

You can lose up to five pounds in a single session, but the majority of the weight will return as you rehydrate. A sauna, on the other hand, can help you lose a few pounds quickly. 

For example, if you need to lose a few pounds for a job, insurance, or sports weigh-in, or if you need to fit into a tight dress for an event, a sauna can help.


#2 Detoxification

Sweating aids in the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. However, most people’s daily activities do not generate enough sweat to effectively purge these harmful substances. 

Sweating also aids in the elimination of heavy metals such as lead, zinc, copper, nickel, and mercury, which can be absorbed through foods or environmental factors. 

Detoxification cleanses the lymphatic system, allowing your body to burn fat more effectively, providing more energy for exercise, and hastening weight loss.

#3 Increased Metabolism

When exposed to extreme heat or cold, your body has to work harder, and your heart rate can rise by up to 30%. This increases your metabolism, which is the rate at which you burn calories. 

According to experts, the high heat of a sauna (around 150 degrees) will increase your metabolic rate by about 20%. This effect will last for a couple of hours after you leave the sauna. To maintain the fat-burning effects, try to work up to a 30-minute sauna session every day

#4 Stress Reduction

Stress is a well-known contributor to weight gain and a barrier to weight loss. 

Tension not only makes you want to eat more, but it also increases cortisol production, which causes your body to crave calories and makes losing weight more difficult.

Bathing in saunas can help you relax, reduce stress, and release endorphins, which are happy hormones that counteract cortisol. 

Those who are less stressed are less likely to overeat and more likely to participate in healthy activities.

#5 Increased Exercise Capacity

Your breathing capacity is one of the barriers to effective exercise. 

Sauna use can help reduce the effects of respiratory problems, improve respiratory function, and boost the production of the vasodilator nitric oxide. Vasodilators widen blood vessels, increasing blood flow. 

This can increase your exercise capacity, allowing you to work out more intensely or for longer periods of time, resulting in increased weight loss.

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