10 Events Where Photo Booths Can Add That Extra Charm

10 Events Where Photo Booths Can Add That Extra Charm

Think photo booths are fun only at weddings or birthdays? You could not be more wrong!

In fact, Photo booths are a rage these days, or people wouldn’t be approaching Photo Booth Hire Sydney businesses with requests to make them better and more creative.

Photo booths will rule the market as long as the love of clicking pictures is alive in the people.

So, even if you aren’t getting married soon or attending any birthday parties.

list of 10 events that can become a smashing hit with a photo booth around

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

  1. Engagement parties or bridal showers – So, of course, any marriage function is incomplete without photos, and you cannot find a more creative and unique decoration than in bridal showers or engagement parties to get clicked. These are super special times that deserve to have every moment captured till the final day arrives.
  2. Christening functions – almost everyone attending a christening party will want a photo with the newborn. With proper management, a photo booth hire Sydney-wide can make your event a hit without making the baby travel from table to table.
  3. Corporate events – not only ceremonies and conventions but team activities, retreats or corporate family days can also become more exciting with creative photo booths.
  4. Product Launch Parties – the success of an event is judged by how memorable it was, especially in the case of product launches. Having a photo booth will not only make the event memorable but will also help in the publicity when the photos are shared after the event.
  5. Store openings – a photo booth set-up at your new store will make the opening more unique, and the prints produced may become mini flyers or adverts for your store.
  6. Pet shows – everyone wants a picture with their perfectly groomed pets in pet shows. A photo booth is bound to attract a considerable amount of guests to get clicked instead of taking a selfie.
  7. School events – School fetes are probably the most fun places to have photo booths. Students are all decked up and eager to have their moments captured as lifetime memories.
  8. Sports events – Photo booths at local tournaments or games give fans a way to extend their support for their favourite teams.
  9. Music and Art festivals – maybe you will not get lucky enough to get a picture with your lead singer crush, but you can definitely capture memories of attending the fest between the show.
  10. Cosplay conventions – Cosplayers put in a lot of effort into their costumes, and any chance to capture their creations alongside fellow anime fans in a photo booth will earn appreciation. The suitable backdrops will be the icing on the cake for their looks.


photo booth hire Sydney-wide can never be an extra where people have gathered to create memories.

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