What to Look for When Purchasing a Commercial Toilet Roll Holder

What to Look for When Purchasing a Commercial Toilet Roll Holder

Spending a few minutes to learn about the primary types and optional additions of each bathroom product benefits cost savings, durability, maintenance, décor, and, of course, user delight. For example, the market offers a diverse choice of toilet roll holders, allowing such a toilet fitting to be adapted to light duty loos or high traffic commercial bathrooms, as well as classic and contemporary toilets. When it comes to offering workplace or public restroom facilities, your guests will only expect a few basic amenities.

Cleanliness and hygienic conditions are expected, as are toilet paper, soap, and a way to dry hands

A few basic changes to how consumable products are packaged and delivered may make a big difference in your facility.

Keeping toilet rolls secure in a wall-mounted dispenser not only keeps them free of potential cross-contamination such as dust and moisture, but it also prevents them from being put on other surfaces such as cisterns, sanitary units, ledges, and floors. This is not only unattractive and gives a bad impression to clients, but it also makes them vulnerable to theft. Good commercial toilet roll dispenser may also help save money by reducing the quantity of tissue used and preventing waste – after all,

who wants to use a roll that has fallen on the toilet floor?

Toilet paper or toilet roll can be presented in a wall mounted dispenser, which is great for washrooms with limited space since it can be neatly stored above the ground. When selecting a toilet roll dispenser for your lavatory, keep in mind the available space, the number of visitors, and how often your cleaning crews are available to restock. Then it’s a matter of deciding which material and design best complements the look of your bathroom.

Toilet paper dispensers that are wall mounted are simple to install (fixing kits are included with all of our dispensers) and available in a variety of designs, colours, and finishes.

Install toilet paper dispensers that accommodate large midi or maxi rolls, such as the Classic Jumbo, which contains a midi roll in stainless steel grab rails, if your restroom sees a lot of traffic. This unit has a solid metal back-plate, which increases the device’s strength for increased longevity and dependability. Single-sheet toilet tissue dispensers inadvertently encourage people to use less paper, reducing waste and expenses. The Classic Multiflat dispenser is a tiny, compact dispenser that is perfect for washrooms with limited cubicle space.


When selecting a double toilet roll holder for your bathroom, keep in mind that metal dispensers can assist prevent vandalism and protect contents from moisture and water splashes in the washroom environment, as well as fitting in with most lavatory décor. Because of their sleek appearance and strong character, all of the dispensers are made of high grade steel or stainless steel, ensuring that they are both stylish and practical.

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