What is Asbestos Inspection and how it is done?

What is Asbestos Inspection and how it is done?

Asbestos inspection in Melbourne is crucial to keep everyone in your safe from numerous diseases.

Normally, an asbestos inspection is performed in two parts: the entire building inspection for asbestos, and taking samples from suspected material. The samples are tested in the lab.

What to expect from your inspection

Inspection is only an initial step of asbestos remediation. Its removal is a whole new process. For better results, you need to escort the professionals toeach area where you suspect the asbestos or where it is most suspected to found. The professionals have the experience to discover the affected area and take samples of ACM (asbestos-containing material) used in the construction material.

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The sample is taken in two ways:

Material Sampling:

In older homes and properties, the professionals will take the samples of the materials and suspected areas, especially the most moisture area and as per the ACM threshold.

Air Sampling:

 Airborne asbestos fibres are collected through a cartridge by drawing the air. The amount of air and fibre is measured to determine the level of exposure.

Materials that are tested most commonly

When the samples are taken to the lab, they are checked for asbestos presence. If it is present, the professionals visit your place for starting the remediation. At this stage, you need to make a list of expected ACMS that could present in your home so that they are inspected.

Some common materials include:

Asbestos flooring

Used as a fireproofing and hardening agent in vinyl tiles and flooring felt, which can be the same as that of the roofing felt.

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Textured Ceiling

Many years ago, asbestos was normally used as an additive to build texted ceiling specifically the popcorn ceiling.

Drywall & Joint Compounds

Sheetrock, drywall, texturing, and joint compounds can have asbestos present in them as many builders add it during the material preparation to provide better stability and resistance form fire.


Asbestos offers the utmost insulation and that’s the biggest reason it is used to make home insulated and fireproof. In such materials, asbestos can be found in block insulation and vermiculite insulation which is contaminated to some level.

Removing asbestos is crucial as it may lead to various health diseases such as cancer. Many construction companies are eliminating the use of asbestos-containing materials so that their clients live a healthy lifestyle.

Check your property for it by hiring the best team of Asbestos inspection in Melbourne.

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