Top Reasons You Need a Buyers’ Advocate When Purchasing a Home

Top Reasons You Need a Buyers’ Advocate When Purchasing a Home

A buyers’ advocate is a real estate professional who helps you navigate the homebuying process. They can assist with every step, from finding the right home to negotiating on your behalf and walking you through closing. 

They will also help protect you from scams, such as “flipping” houses and homes that are overpriced or otherwise not worth buying. In short: Gold coast buyers advocates do everything for you that they would do for themselves if they were in the same position!

1. They know the process.

The first thing you’ll find out when working with a buyer’s advocate is that they have experienced every step of the home-buying journey. They know exactly what to expect and will help you avoid surprises, delays, and costly mistakes along the way.

The second thing you’ll find out is that buyers’ advocates are experts at cutting through all those pesky layers of confusion in order to get you into a better deal on your new home—and they may even be able to negotiate lower interest rates or fees along the way!

2. They protect your interests.

A buyer’s advocate is someone who works with you to understand the process, understands your goals and can help you find the right home or property.

They are also impartial and do not have a vested interest in the sale of a home. In fact, they do not even make money off of commissions; rather, they receive their income from fees paid by their clients (the buyer). 

A buyer’s advocate can help protect your best interests throughout the buying process by negotiating with sellers on price and terms for repairs and upgrades without bias toward either party involved.

3. They negotiate with the seller’s agent.

A buyers’ advocate is an independent, unbiased third party who will help you negotiate the best price and terms for your home. They do this by educating you on what’s reasonable to expect from the seller’s agent, working with them on your behalf, and negotiating a deal that works best for both parties.

Your advocate may also be able to help you identify any problems that could have been overlooked during inspections or appraisals. The goal of an advocate is always to ensure that everyone involved in the transaction feels comfortable with the outcome—and more importantly, that everyone walks away feeling like they got what they wanted out of it!

The first thing your buyer’s representative will do when they begin working with you is try to figure out exactly what type of property you’re looking for (location? size? features?). This can help them narrow down their search so they can find homes that fit within those parameters—and save time! 

4. They protect your finances throughout the process.

A buyer’s advocate can help you avoid overpaying for a home by negotiating with the seller. They’ll also keep you from making any mistakes when it comes to financing your loan and ensuring that you don’t get caught up in any extra fees or commissions. 

Additionally, they can help negotiate repairs and upgrades down so that you get the best deal on those additions as well.

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5. They are an unbiased source of information.

A Buyer’s Advocate is not a salesperson, real estate agent or mortgage broker. They also do not perform any of the services that you might expect from these other professionals: they don’t inspect the home (or even know how to), they don’t estimate repairs or upgrades, nor do they provide estimates for moving costs.

A Buyer’s Advocate is an unbiased source of information who can help you make informed decisions about your buying process.

6. They have access to homes that aren’t on the market yet.

You should also know that gold coast buyers advocates have access to homes that aren’t on the market yet.

This is because they are connected to the seller’s agent and are able to see the home before it goes on the market. This can offer you a competitive advantage, as you can make an offer before anyone else has seen it!


So, are you ready to start searching for your dream home? If so, we encourage you to find a buyer’s advocate who can help you through the process. This person’s knowledge of the market and experience in real estate transactions will make your home purchase smooth and seamless.

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