The Power of Calming Tea: 4 Benefits to Soothe Your Mind, Body, and Soul

The Power of Calming Tea: 4 Benefits to Soothe Your Mind, Body, and Soul

What if there was one simple thing you could do to lower your stress levels, improve your mood, and feel more alive in general? What if that one simple thing were so easy to do that it only took a few minutes each day?

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, read on to discover the power of calming tea and see how you can use it to improve your well-being and achieve greater happiness in your daily life.

1) When You Feel Overwhelmed

Stress is one of those universal feelings everyone experiences at some point or another. But when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, there are a few ways you can quell your anxiety with calming tea.

Try brewing up a cup as an afternoon pick-me-up or to help put you to sleep at night. You might even find that soothing teas help you in other areas of your life—from boosting your immune system (chamomile) or increasing focus (licorice).

Plus, many herbal teas have added benefits like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. If you haven’t tried any yet, here are four great reasons to give them a go!

2) When Stress Makes it Hard To Sleep

Stressed? Can’t sleep? Try a cup of soothing chamomile tea before bed. The naturally occurring flavonoids in chamomile have been shown in animal studies to inhibit over-stimulation that can occur in response to stress.

And reducing over-stimulation helps relax your mind, which helps you get better sleep. Studies also show that extracts from lavender are helpful when it comes to reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

3) When Nerves Get the Best Of You

Whether we’re nervous about an upcoming job interview or just stressed out from work and life in general, our bodies can do a number on our emotions. Stress-induced cortisol can lead to feelings of anxiety.

Calming Tea

So if you find yourself feeling anxious (or if someone close to you has a tendency for jitters), try calming tea as a natural remedy for nerves. The soothing properties may help your brain relax so that you can regain focus on what matters most—keeping your mind calm under pressure.

4) When You’re Anxious About Something Big

A recent study found that consuming a cup of jasmine green tea helped subjects cope with anxiety before public speaking. It appears that compounds in jasmine green tea help reduce stress hormones such as cortisol, which in turn reduces physical reactions to stress like increased heart rate.

Other calming teas include chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, passion flower, skullcap and valerian. Just be sure to steer clear of caffeinated teas like black or oolong while you’re trying to calm down—the added caffeine can actually make you more on edge.

And don’t forget about hot water with lemon—it’s not just good for your soul, but also your skin!


Try drinking tea for a restful night’s sleep. Drink some hot water with lemon before you go to bed. Some people even like adding in calming herbs, like chamomile or lavender flowers—just make sure it’s decaffeinated!

And remember not all teas are created equal; if you’re drinking instant tea, don’t expect it to be as helpful.

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