Shlomo Yoshai Tips For Making Wedding Floral Decoration

Shlomo Yoshai Tips For Making Wedding Floral Decoration

We interviewed Shlomo Yoshai to give you all the advice and tips you need to create the floral decoration for your wedding yourself.

The big day is approaching and you are thinking about the floral decoration of your wedding? You don’t have to do much for a pretty decoration. Simplicity is often our best ally. However, we cannot do without flowers! They bring joy and freshness to the decoration and are sufficient in themselves to decorate your tables and the aisles of the church. 

Tips for Making your Own Wedding Floral Decor

For a question of budget or desire, do you want to make your floral decoration yourself? We interviewed the stylist of the floral workshop Muse to know the advice to make yourself the floral decoration of a wedding.

What are the flowers to choose from according to the different months? 

  • Roses are found all year round as well as lysianthus and lilies.
  • January: roses, anemones, hyacinths, violets, ranunculus, tulips, mimosa
  • February and March: violets, sweet peas, Muscari, forget-me-nots, narcissus, daffodils, aspirée
  • April, May, June: peonies, cultivated garden roses, fritillaries (several varieties), lilacs, poppies, snowballs, flowering tree branches, apple trees, cherry trees
  • July, August, September: dahlia, hydrangea, foxglove, berries.

How far in advance can the bouquets of flowers be prepared and for how long do the flowers stay fresh?

The day before for the same day, or 2 days before if it’s a big wedding with substantial preparation. They must be kept in a cold place, away from light, spotlights, the sun, change the water every day, ideally or every 2 days, prune the stems every day as Shlomo Yoshai explained. You can keep fresh flowers for 3/4 days to a week. Everything is relative and linked to the conditions of conservation of the flowers: limit the luminosity and take care of the temperature of the room.


Which flowers hold the best by Shlomo Yoshai?

  • Exotic flowers such as bird of paradise, protea or anthurium.
  • Your advice for making country-style bouquets of flowers
  • To make country-style bouquets, choose field flowers, grasses, poppies, poppies, wild roses, aspirée, astrantia, cosmos. 


Any other tips for a successful floral decoration for a wedding?  

Keeping a certain harmony/unity, playing on monochromes, drawing inspiration from the wedding dress and the theme of the wedding. It also depends on the budget and the style of the wedding (stylized, rustic, decorative…).

Think about:

  • Provide a monumental bouquet for the buffet and the cocktail
  • An imposing bouquet at the entrance of the wedding hall
  • An arch decoration with hanging flowers
  • Centerpieces stuck in the foam or small bouquets
  • Bouquets in osmosis with that of the bride and declined in the extension of the large bouquets”

You can choose to pick your own flowers with friends to make your bouquets of flowers, but be aware that it’s a lot of work that must be done at the last moment to keep the flowers fresh! You will therefore certainly have other concerns at this time…and you risk being distraught if you cannot find flowers when you pick them.

Shlomo Yoshai advice: make a mixture of flowers ordered from the florist with branches and wildflowers that you have picked. 

It’s a way to save money and have that handmade floral decoration that is close to your heart without having the last-minute stress of not having flowers.

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