Know all About Display Advertising

Know all About Display Advertising

An effective and popular format of advertising online is known as display advertising. It is driven with the help of visuals and is used to attract attention and spread brand awareness across the internet. Display ads could be a tempting method of advertising for marketers who are looking for different ways to acquire and reach out to customers. In this type of ad, the general use of visual media in the form of images, texts or even videos are made to attract the attention of people. You could display the ads on spot in designated corners of social media pages and websites. All campaigns, from the simple text ones to those which make use of attractive videos fall under-display advertising. The successful display advertising campaigns would be clever enough to use a combination of gifs, texts, images and videos to stay different and send their message to the target audience. Marketers play around with shapes, design language and sizes of banners to bring out engaging display ads.

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Display advertising target process

One of the most essential features of display advertising is its ability to target some sections that match the requirements of the advertisers. The display advertising targeting feature makes sure that your ad reaches the right audience and AD spend doesn’t get wasted on a demographic that is not interested in your product or service. There are a lot of options available when it comes to displaying ad targeting and this could be overwhelming. Hence it is important to have clarity about the kind of demographic that you want to cater to and can choose from the available targeting options. Display advertising targeting is a complex process. You can have a look at some of the steps you could implement to utilise this feature.

  • Define the Demographic: You can secure the audience depending on their basic demographic details like age, gender, interest and so on.
  • Identify target keywords: This would allow you to reach the target demographic depending on the selected keywords as per your product or service. The display network would match the keywords with words or phrases that are present in the publisher’s site where the ad would be displayed.
  • Decide on the ideal placement: You could pick a website you want your display ads to run on. If you target customers that shops frequently for groceries, you could display the ads on the articles that are related to food and health or even on the shopping page.
  • Display the ads based on interest: The search engine collects data based on user behaviour depending on what users might search for. This is done mainly to run the display ads that match specific interest areas of the person.
  • Retarget based on past behaviour: The display ad targeting feature lets you target the users who have already visited your website and reinforces the brands’ impact and recall as a result.

Types of display advertising

Effective display advertising management aims at the users to automatically get drawn to an ad when they see it. Read about some options you could try out when you seriously plan on a display advertising management strategy.

  • Banner Ads

They are one of the common display advertising formats. They stand out on any webpage. They are named after the banner-like shape. The hyperlinked image-based ads are in the shape of a strip. They are placed usually on the top of a web page to draw the attention of the user immediately.

  • Rich media

Some internet users find traditional banner advertising distracting. Hence, advertisers explore more innovative methods to display their ads. Making use of rich media is one of the new tactics that involve making use of interactive elements like audio-video and clickable elements. This would turn the advertisement into a more engaging one.

  • Interstitial ads

They appear as a separate web page before the visitors get directed to the original page that you wanted to visit. They are very effective in capturing the user’s attention as they take up the entire screen.

  • Video Ads

When it comes to displaying advertising costs, video ads are slightly expensive but are worth it. Different platforms like Instagram and YouTube have made it convenient for marketers to run video ads. This would help in attracting a lot of attention and engagement.

Key Indicators that help to Quantify Outcomes of Display Advertising Management

  • Reach

Measuring the reach of the ad accurately would mean obtaining figures on the number of users who saw the ad. This would get reflected as the unique number of views on display ads. You can easily observe how well the ad performs and analyse the effectiveness of your display ad management efforts.

  • Impressions

An impression is the number of times an ad gets displayed to a user on a website. Every ad displays count as an impression. Once it is successfully quantified, the ad performance can be mapped against the conversion rates.

  • Click-through rates

A major indicator of engagement is click-through rate which means the number of people who have clicked on the ad. Low CTRs might show that you have to implement a new display ad management strategy.

  • Conversion rate

It is the most important metric to consider as a conversion is the main objective of running ads. This rate is a calculation of the number of people who click-through to the landing page. It is to perform a definitive action like downloading the app or buying the product.

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