Installation Guide For Pergolas Attached To The House

Installation Guide For Pergolas Attached To The House

Pergola ideas can be numerous, as well as the uses for them. They are a great way to create shade and add some privacy to your backyard. Pergolas Adelaide Hills are also a lovely addition that brings visual appeal to any yard or garden. If you want to install one in your yard but don’t know how this guide will help walk you through the process so that you can get started right away!

Pergola Ideas Attached to the House

Here are a few Pergolas Adelaide Hills ideas attached to the house:

  • You can have an open-air room.
  • You can have an enclosed room with a glass door, which is great for privacy and year-round use.
  • You can also add a large canopy to create shade in your yard during summer months while still allowing light in through windows or skylights.

These are just some of the ideas we have, and there’s no limit to what you can do. The best part is, if you don’t like one of our ideas, you can always change it!

You can add a large awning to the outside of your house. This is great for those who love to sit outside but don’t want to be in direct sunlight all day. If you decide that you want more shade than this offers, try adding some trees around your yard!

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How to Install a Pergola Off the House?

Pergolas are often attached to the house, but if you want more space or want to avoid having your pergola bump into the house, it can be installed off the house. One way to do this is by using posts and beams that are longer than those of a typical lattice pergola.

This will provide enough space for you to walk between it and your home so that it doesn’t interfere with any doors or windows. You could also use another kind of wood structure as support such as an arbor or trellis.

What’s Right for You?

You should consider the size of your pergola as it relates to your house. The pergola is designed to provide shade and cover, but it also needs to be out of the way.

The best way to ensure your home’s structure doesn’t get in the way is by selecting a pergola that’s small enough to fit between the house and any other structures nearby.

If you want more coverage, install two or three smaller-sized sunshades instead of one large one. This will ensure that you have plenty of shade when needed but also allow access into each room when necessary.


The installation of the Pergolas Adelaide Hills attached to the house is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. With this method, you don’t have to worry about soil erosion or plants being damaged by rainwater. You can use this method for any type of pergola, whether it’s made out of wood or other material such as aluminum.

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