5 Times a Portable Air Conditioner Are Worth the Cost

5 Times a Portable Air Conditioner Are Worth the Cost

What is a Portable Air Cooling conditioner? It’s exactly what it sounds like—an air conditioning unit that you can move from room to room. They are designed to cool one or two rooms instead of an entire house, and they work by producing cold air that’s pumped into the room your unit is in. The hot air gets vented out through a hose that usually goes through a window. Many portable AC units also dehumidify and ventilate the room at the same time, so you’re getting more than just cooled air.

It gives you access to your windows.

Portable air conditioners are a good option for people whose windows don’t have sills to support an AC unit.

They can be installed in any window, regardless of whether it’s an existing one or not. In fact, they can even be installed in a window that doesn’t have a sill at all!

In addition to being easy to install and move around, portable air conditioners are also less expensive than their permanent counterparts.

Low maintenance

One of the best things about portable air conditioners is that they have no need for filters. This means that you don’t need to worry about changing them out every few months and it also means there will be less dust in your room. You won’t need to worry about draining either. No electricity, gas or water are required so there is no risk of hooking up a hose and flooding the room with water if something goes wrong.

There are also no replacement parts needed on portable ACs because they come equipped with an internal motor that runs without any extra bells or whistles like lubrication systems found on larger units. Maintenance is easy – just wipe down the unit as needed and let them sit out in the sun once in awhile so they can recharge themselves!

It’s ready to use right out of the box.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to cool your home, portable air conditioners are the answer. They can be set up in just minutes, and there’s no installation needed—simply plug them into an outlet and turn them on! No need for ducting or hiring a professional contractor: these units are ready to go right out of the box.

Relatively Easy to Move

Portable Air Cooling

One of the biggest downsides of window units is their weight. They’re bulky, awkward and heavy to move around inside your house—especially if you have a few stories in your home. They often require two people to lift them into position on windowsills or set them up in small rooms.

A portable air conditioner is lighter than a window unit, so you can easily move it around the house on your own. If you find yourself needing more cooling power at night or on days when there’s no breeze outside, simply place the portable unit in another room that gets cool enough during those times (a basement or garage) and turn it off when not needed. You can even take it outside onto your patio if need be!

Optional Year-Round Operation

If you’re thinking of getting a portable air conditioner, you may be wondering whether or not it makes sense to use the unit year-round. The answer depends on your specific needs and local climate, but for many people, purchasing a portable air conditioner can actually be more affordable than using window units for those warmer months.

The main reason that portable air conditioning units can work well as year-round solutions is because their energy efficiency ratings tend to be much higher than those of window ACs. This means they are less expensive to operate over time and also won’t cost you as much money each month in electricity bills.


Thanks to recent cooling technology advancements, new portable AC units are actually pretty efficient and environmentally friendly options for most people. If you decide to try portable air conditioning, make sure to measure your room so that you buy a unit that is properly sized for the space, and you should have a comfortable home all summer.

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